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Crypto Check - Bitcoin /Altcoin Analysis for June 2019: In this video I will discuss the current Bitcoin situation and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + current 2019 market news and price action + prediction on cryptos in today's video (Bitcoin - BTC, Ripple - XRP ) These analysis can help you grow your wealth through passive income by trading the trend either by day trading / swing trading or long term investing. This Crypto ecosystem is only going to grow. Invest carefully and do not be left behind on potentially life changing profits as Bitcoin / ALT Coins move higher in this bull market . It is important to DYOR in any investment that you are looking to take. I have 13 years experience in the markets and I am just sharing some of that experience with you. Let us know in the comments below what altcoins you are trading in this market and why! Please do consider tapping the LIKE & SUBSCRIBE button as I drop new analysis videos regularly ! Disclaimer - These are only my thoughts and not financial advice. The content in this video and on this channel are only intended for entertainment purposes only! ************************************************************ We are offering a 3-Day Free Trial to our private Discord group where you will learn technical analysis, scalping, and long term trading strategies in cryptocurrency and other markets. Our goal is to make you a profitable . You can copy our trades or we will teach you to trade for yourself

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