WHY YOU NEED To Stop Being REALISTIC & SHOOT For The MOON TODAY! | Jesse Itzler & Lewis Howes


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Here’s a great story for you: A young college guy in Brooklyn hustles his way into getting a record deal with a major label in LA by finding a cassette of a well known rapper left behind in a recording studio. Then he starts a company that writes the jingles for major NFL teams that go viral in the 90s. He gets a private jet company to go into business with him at age 27. Fast forward a few years and he wears Spanx to run the NYC marathon and meets his future wife, the woman Forbes names as the Top Self Made Woman in America. But that’s not enough. After running a 100 mile race with his friends, he meets a Navy SEAL who inspires him so much that he invites him to live with he and his family for a month and train him personally.