Internal Observer x Snatchers (Live)


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Internal Observer (or Nternal Bserver) is joining us from Warsaw for our 74th live podcast. . . . . Internal Observer (or Nternal Bserver), is creating since 2014 his own productions and playing techno in live-act format using software and / or hardware. His productions oscillate around several shades from ambient, experimental to dark and industrial techno. The live performances that he presents are a mix of emotions and a deep atmosphere, thanks to which he builds a bond with the audience even more during the performance. He is the owner of a label called Unknown Timeline, focusing on Polish artists, having two vinyl releases and a number of digital ones. Together with his friend DJ from Germany, he runs a label more widely open to artists from around the world Delayed Arrivals Records where they releases on cassette tapes. He also co-creates and supports the Hidden Noises DJ collective. His productions can be heard on labels such as Accents Records (FR),Neural Tapes (FR), SYXT (GE), Modular Mind (NL), DVNTT (BL).






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