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Plot Holes Snyder tries hard to make Darkseid the intimidating mastermind behind everything, but that's all undone in the initial invasion. Someone who gets taken out by Ares and dragged back to his ship isn't exactly the most terrifying villain around. It's also odd that he forgot the planet he left the Mother Boxes on and where he saw the Anti-Life Equation. But according to Snyder, there are multiple reasons why Darkseid forgot Earth as the planet housing the Anti-Life Equation. For starters, he was grievously injured from Ares' attack when he was whisked away from Earth by his minions. Adding to the blurry confusion of all the chaos that followed is a power struggle. From the dialogues in the Snyder Cut, it's obvious that Darkseid was not always in power. There was once a coup planned to take his throne, and he fought back to regain power. Scene Thousands of years ago, Darkseid and his Parademons attempted to conquer Earth using the Mother Boxes after learning that Earth harbored the Anti-Life Equation. The attempt was foiled by a unified alliance of Old Gods led by Zeus and Ares, Amazons, Atlanteans, humanity, and a Green Lantern. After an intense and bloody battle, Zeus and Ares greatly wounded Darkseid and forced the Parademons to retreat. The Boxes were hidden in different locations, guarded by the Amazons, Atlanteans, and Humanity, respectively. 0:00 | Darkseid and His Parademons Enter Earth 0:30 | Darkseid Finds the Anti-Life Equation on Earth 1:18 | Darkseid vs. Old Gods, Amazons, Atlanteans, Humanity, and A Green Lantern 2:31 | Darkseid Is Wounded by Zeus and Ares 2:52 | Darkseid and The Parademons Retreat 3:42 | The Mother Boxes are Hidden in Different Locations 4:28 | More Scenes