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War and Peace by Tolstoy During Napoleon's invasion of Russia, Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace follows the lives of five Russian noble families. This book is often regarded as the finest Russian work of literature of all time, and it is enormous in scope. The book is split into four volumes, with each chapter containing not only the plot of the novel but also philosophical debates. Average book readers may feel intimidated by this, but they should not be discouraged from reading War and Peace. After all, this book was designed for everyone, not only academics. The Bezukhovs, Bolkonskys, Rostovs, Kuragins, and Drubetskoys were the five rich families that were followed in the early nineteenth century, particularly during Napoleon's invasion of Russia. It also discusses several social issues in Russian high society, such as the fathering of illegitimate children by affluent Russians, the financial collapse of certain families owing to ineptitude, their pride despite the poverty that surrounds them, and so on, as in Tolstoy's previous books. In the story, the lives of the major protagonists from several families are interwoven, with friendships and competing interests. In addition to being a historical novel, War and Peace is also a work of fiction. Napoleon is one of the primary characters in the novel, and he is the focus of a large portion of it. It's incredible that Tolstoy was able to correctly portray him in this work. Apart from that, Tolstoy was quite accurate in his portrayals of historical events such as the Battle of Borodino, Napoleon's assault of Moscow, and others. This book not only recounts the struggles, tribulations, and conflicts of the novel's various characters, but also offers philosophical interpretations of historical events. It's always fascinating to learn about history from different perspectives than those presented in textbooks.


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