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Crypto Exchange

Look both ways

When crossing the street

Of the Bitcoin blockchain





Kick it and flip it and mix it and tip it

Bouncin pon the beat like a blockchain widget

Lightin network yes tis the shizzit

El Salvador yeah got the first golden ticket



Freedom chatter all about in the Senate

Try and take our bitcoin like it was legit

Keys for the cryptic forks to the segwit

Like Sol Jah Boy wap as she clap it




I can tell how she fakes it

Labor Pools gleam as we stake it

Liquidity management hOt shit

Counting off Gwei as the swap burns profits



Ethereum blast off countdown

Watch out now tis a government showdown

Controllers of information

Transparent ledgers are the new sensation








Crypto Exchange

Look both ways

When crossing the streetf

Of the Bitcoin blockchain