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We present Cacá Magalhães! She is 12 years old, born in Lauro de Freitas, Bahia, and is enchanting the entire network with her incomparable voice. Her singing is to leave anyone dazzled. She sings Jazz and Blues like big people. In this video she gives a talent show interpreting the song Feelin 'Good, a song written by English musicians Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse. The original version of Feelin 'Good was first sung in 1964 by Cy Grant in the United Kingdom and by Gilbert Price on Broadway, in the United States, in 1965. In the same year, 1965, American singer Nina Simone re-recorded the song, this version which has become the best known. And it is this sensational song Feelin 'Good, that Cacá Magalhães presents us in this video with his wonderful voice. Come watch with us and be enchanted by this great talent. Watch, leave your LIKE and comment what you think!


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