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Magic or sorcery, practices that suggest that people can influence the natural world (events, objects, people) through supernatural, paranormal or mystical methods, and the cultural system created around them.

Among the methods of making magic frequently encountered in popular culture; These include preparing mixtures from various materials, uttering magical words or making movements, drawing magical writings or symbols, using tools such as magic wands, using puppets that symbolize a particular person, using blood or animal fat. Spells can be used for good purposes, such as getting rich, healthy, or successful, helping someone, or for bad purposes, such as punishing someone.

People who deal with magic are defined as sorcerers or magicians. Today, the word "magic" is often used synonymously with the performing art of "juggling"[1] and its use in this field does not have any supernatural connotation. In the Middle Ages, it was thought that some professionals such as clergy, gravediggers, healers, blacksmiths and those with physical or mental disabilities were engaged in witchcraft. Today, the belief that some disabled people are punished (bumped) by supernatural forces during magic or invocation sessions is encountered in some societies.

Mankind's belief in magic has gradually decreased since ancient times. Today, all kinds of magic are rejected by modern science, but the belief in magic is still found in some religions and movements.

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