Play-Doh Super Tools from Hasbro


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If you've got a Play-Doh fan in your house, then Play-Doh Super Tools is a must-have toy. Essentially,
the set is three over-sized tools that can stamp, mold, or extrude Play-Doh, three of the most
popular ways kids play with this compound. The stamper has four shapes. Select one by turning
the knob on the top, and then make shapes in Play-Doh that's been flattened out. For the molder,
twist on either the star- or the triangle-shaped molds and squeeze the bulb at the top to use a burst
of air to push the Play-Doh out of the mold so the shape stays intact. The extruder twists together
three strands of Play-Doh into one colorful ribbon. The set comes with three small canisters of
Play-Doh, but you'll surely want tons more as your kids play and create with this terrific toy.


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