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He went head-to-head with IBM supercomputer, Deep Blue, and won. He trained Carlsen and Nakamura. Now Garry Kasparov is ready to share what made him a six-time World Chess Champion. Learn more about Garry Kasparov's MasterClass at: In his first ever online class, Garry will teach you his winning principles, strategies, and tactics. His detailed lessons will sharpen your instincts, allow you to make more sophisticated decisions, and vastly improve your game.


    Руслан Смехов . 6 months ago

    шахматы это круто..)

    Willian Rodrigues . 6 months ago

    The best

    igoris . 6 months ago

    gary the chess legend!

    irenik88 . 6 months ago


    pleasant_nostalgia . 7 months ago

    Kasparov the best

    debrask498233 . 7 months ago


    Marcelo Silva . 7 months ago

    conteudo de qualidade

    Antonio Acilio Gimenez . 8 months ago

    Kaspparov is the legend!