24min 3sec Guinness World Record longest apnea with O2 by Aleix Segura


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On February 28th during the 17th Mediterranean Dive Show held in Cornellà, Barcelona, Aleix Segura Vendrell has broken the Guinness World Record holding his breath underwater for 24 minutes and 3 seconds. This longest breath hold ever reported has been achieved after inhaling pure oxygen, differently than apnea sport competitions.
Aleix Segura is currently the static apnea world champion in all freediving circuits capable of holding his breath for over ten minutes in normal conditions and has taken the risk of this stunt challenge with the support of the qualified IEM medical crew supervised by Dr. Agustí Ruíz and monitored among others by three AIDA judges including Oriol Navarro, apnea responsible in the club Cavalldemar, to control and guarantee the fairness of the performance officially fulfilling the Guinness standards of this attempt. An indoor swimming pool was set for the show suitable for both performance and TV media coverage of this show and challenge.


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